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blooter. scottish word trying to bring it back. again, thank you for watching. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here because weararararararararararar ♪ >> good morning, everyone. it is september 11th, 20010. nine yrs ago on a beautiful sunday morning the world changed for. radical terrorist killeding i.em we'll remember the live report from ground zero. >> president obama defending the economy and acknowledging that voters may publish the democrats come november. >> it is understandable that people are saying, what have you done? >> okay. so what has the president done for the economy beses spend,
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spend, spend some moit say. >> talk to karl rove in a moment. and the dead low explosion that wiped an entire neighborhood off of the map. could this disaster have been prevented in we'll ex ne. "fox and friends" secial edition starts right now. ♪ >> live from studio e in theto heart of midtown manhattan. it is a special day .me gretchen mentioned that nine years ago today the world changed and on the new york post a day to remember. >> the animation shows the building being built.
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it is frustrate seeing a lot of nothing going o in . now theres a lot of something. >> just a couple of days ago, ttehey put the piece of steel from the original buildings up totart the building process finally. who could have imagined nine years have already passed. president obama is marking the ninth anniversary of those a attacks with a speech at pentagon. first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush are in spranksville, pennsylvania. we will have a full wrap up of the d's event. good morning mike. >>reporter: president obama will start the moment in 8:46 and do a moment of silence in the white house and come here to the pentagon and s be greeted by secretary of defense robert gates for a ceremon where flight 87 crashed on this side
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of the pentagon structure it is a moment of the silence and the president wl make remarkings. the topic of religion is in the news . the president is calling on people to remember the day of service to the victims of the september 11th attacks and for the country to be unified to remember those lost on that day and remember that we are merps of different backgrounds and join together for a common cause. it should be a moving event on this day nine years later. ftlot has gone on in the pentagon in the weeks after the september 11th attacks . there were preparation for the war in afghanistan and the war in iraq. a lot of business goes on in this building.ry every year remembe ar that people who are working inside of the people on passengers airline flht 777 andhe
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president - on vice-president in new york . first lady obama and former first lady bush will speak in shanksville, pennsylvania. we'll have coverage of those significant events on this day. >> we'll have a live report from the world trade center center. >> someone who will be in shanksville, pennsylvania is karl rove. >> good morning. >> karl, can you bring us through karl rove's account? everyone wants to know about whe you were in 9/11 and how it unfolded? >> i was standing outside of booker elementary school in floda when my phone rang and my assistant said a plane was had flown in the world trade center and it was not known whether it was private or
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commercial. the president was shaking hans in the elementary school . related the information. condy rice called with the samema sketchy information and that began the day. that was in a staff hold. the president was meeting with students . the second plane went in the world trade center. a fow moments later, the president came in the room. the roo was full of anxiety and thereere little bit of anxiety in the room. he was pretty naturally calm . he said we are atm war give mhee direct to the f.b.i. and the vice-president. >> you document that in our book, karl. one of the images after 9/11 that the rest of the world and rest of americans remember president obama down in ground
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zero amidst the firefighters a took the bull horn ad-libing. >> he did ablib. t president was not planning to speak in ground zero. anita bishop tapped me on the soldier. we were in a sea of noise surrounded by rescue workers and they were chanting usa, saya say, usa .le nina yelled in my face, they want to hear from the president. i said depow hav a sound system she said know. i sd get a bull horn . andy card, three people on top of the crushed fire truck and isked them if they would jump up and down it make sure it was stable and one of them jumped off of the back of the truck and the other two guys jumped up and down. and i went over to tell andy
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and bob beckwith, a retired firefighter the only man left on top of that truck. om hadn't paid attention. guy yelling at him x. he reached down and pulled him up and realitzed thrait was the presidentd of the united states and he freak out. the president draped his arm around bob and started to speak. it was completely ad-libed and no mooting of top aids. it was him a in this moment he captured what theel nation felt and needed to hear. >> it was a shot ofty electricity to so many people. karl, we heard in the last week or so. you talked about being in the elentary school and then there was a difference of opinion whether or not to go back to washington immediately. some said nope. you can't do it and the president was clear.
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i have to go back now. secret service and pentagon said president obama we can't secure the air space over washington. i have known the president a long time. he is not a person who gets ary . he was angry and he told them. mr. president. we guarantee the air space. do the best you can. the nation nee to hear from me in the oval office which i want to sleep in my own bed. it was an attempt at jocularity. we did go back. they were very, very nervous about it. we came in andrews air force base and colonel put the plane down and last moment he pancaked it in the run way and g in marine one and inted of a leisurely jaunt.
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we got in five feet off of the depround and made our way through the trees on the golf course. we were in top level fast as they could make the craft go. no one said until we made it. we went through bowling air force base and last minute the pilot made a hard right and headed to the white house andta the pentagon came into view. you are looking at the facef i warn the 21st century. >> in one of his last interview i was unprepared to war but seemed to adapt to it quite well karl you are heading to shanksville to honor those who lost their lives. >> this is the first anniversary after 9/11 and the first moving moments in the white house. laura bush agreed to host a
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fund raising dner last night. the monument in shanksville is built by public a private partner we need to raise 15 million to make it. laura bush will be speaking there and after she agreed to speak, last several weeks, michell e obama i thought it was a wonderful gesture offer to ymeoin the former first lyad at shanksville and honor 40 great american heroes. >> you should speech the screen with the plane still smouldering and capitol building. ifow that doesn't go down in hanksville it would be the capitol building. people should keep that in mind. >> we don't know what the target was. but logic leads me to believe it was the capitol. last night we had a dinner and they had opened a short film and opened with the tributes
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that were left by school children in the site. there is a moving later from a school child who said. you got on the airplane thinking you were people and now you are a hero. >> out of the mouths of babes. >> we hear from the young ones. karlove how compeeling to speak to you about your memories. hard to believet was nine years ago today. thank you for sharing your stories with us. >> other head leans on september 11th. we start with new developments overnight in california. s the search for bodies now over. this ariel picture shows a grim and devastating video. look at the damage and the lives lost. death toll4. and thren homes dismated and the cause is still not known. >> there are working groups aspects ofvarious
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the accident and looking at the history of the pipe line from the installation in 1956 to today . historical loo of thingsva like exivation. >> wreckage is too hot for people to go back in. >> iran governmentotsi not releasing sarah shourd. they said they would free her this morning. but now saying her case is held up by unfisinhed leg procedure. friendsnd her two have been in solitary confinement after crossing the border. iran insists they are spies. >> and a first living person to receive a medal of honor. staff sarge sarge guint a. walk in a ambush.
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bullets charged in his chest plate. he killed one insurgent and wounded the other. he is from iowa and 25 years old and he will be honored today. >> thanks for joining us on the saturday morning. 3 minutes after the top of the hour. remember this guy. osama bin laden, the terrorist responsible for murdering 3000 people nine years ago. up next, why is thisre man still free and where is he? >> sarah palin winging back at governor arnold warts swarts and what she said and tweeted back. and celebrities stood up for cancer last night. we'll recap. note ♪ [ singing ] but sometimes after a busy day r. and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there is something n
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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> nine years ago, he became the most wanted man in the
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wormed. osama bin laden, mastermind behind al qaeda. today he is at large. we don't know where he is. why haven't we captured him? mr. #1: we are talking on a iraqi war veteran and author of "revolt against al qaeda" howard why don't we have him yet. mr. #1: they don't play by our rules. whether in pistan or indian or afghanistan or saudi arabia or somalia. the facta is, he's probably not in afghanistan and not in the area of operations they are working heavly in . more importantly he is inspiring chief. and not a commander or financer. he's holed up and probably not going to move, but he is able to inspire others with his narrative. >> hoe has a 25 million price on his head.
6:18 am
>> take the money off and make it one cent or nothing. he is a mass murderer. he needs to be brought to yesterday and die. i would like to be the one to do it, but putting a price on his head is loc a robin hood figure. you don't want to raise him up to the level of the united states and an enemy on pniarwith the soviet union. >> you are making 25 million he is a super human and that is a bad message. these guys it is a badge of honor. w off about this. it is a huge badge of honor. >> the vice-president said because of the strikeses they are forced underground. 2009 we4 had 14 zalahiri tapes. does that make it hard tore capt youre him? >> if he doesn't move it is hard to find him. the other issue is pakistan.
6:19 am
> that's where he is? >> and with the army it is a complicated situation where you have people that are proba bly ampdsthetic to his needs. >> he marries into a group. >> they show up. he's here and he will be part of our organization and town. >> one of the standard operating procedures. back in afghanistan ander pakistan and under the auspices of the taliban, they would almost marry in t l society and become part. this makes it difficult to find someone like this. >> you think it is safer today than 9/11,? >> i do because of the brave men and women and law nforcement. >> i do, yes. >> straight ahead.ut talk about entitlement, president's top aids not paying their taxes and how much capitol hill owes.
6:20 am
administration big on green jobs. why are they putting t green jobs to china and putting be you i americans out of work?
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>> good morn being, everyone. quick headlines f you. fire crew in colorado he more than half of the massive wildfires in boulder contained. another huge drill will start digging a third rescue tunnel. one is a third of the way inha the underground chamber. the miners may not be rescued until cristian. gretch? >> thankou, brian. 200 people in virginia are going to lose their job as one of t large major light bulb
6:24 am
companies closes. congress passed an measure that makes the indanestit bulb obsolete. instead of updating the factories. general electric is outsourcing the work ton chin a. pact oil has worked inhe light bulb for 20 years. > good morning. >> 26 years in the factory. you know how to put a light bull ingtogether? >> yes, we have made a quality product at reasonable cost. >> you were told recently that september 21st, that's your last day because? >> because our jobs are actually at our fility, our jobs are going to mexico. >> so mexico, china, where
6:25 am
ever. the point of the matter they are not staying in the united states. what do you make of the fact that the president went on record and said clean energy and green jobs will be coming to america? >> sounds like they are talking out of both sides of their mouth. if i might, i want to hold up ookad that corporate ge t out in the local newspaper. >> please do. >> if you read the headline. keeng jobs here and across the country. this was in our local newspaper after we knew our jobs are moving to mexico. to me that was callous and shallow, and not much forethought within into it. >> this came in the community in which 2 people are losing their job directly from the ge plant? >> correct. >> how did you feel, pat and what did you say to other people in >> i was shocked. i was very shocked about it and i questioned our plant
6:26 am
manager about it and he kind of made light of it. i contacted our local newspaper, and asked them to do an arcticle about it and got this ball kind of roling. >> here's the facts. you worked there 26 year now the plant is being closed they are saying because of the light bulb you make is not clean and green enough and all of those jobs going overseas, what do you do after september 24th? >> i will be out of work and like i said, i have been looking for a job, but as unemployment rate in the country and in my area is prettyigh, you know, jobs are few and far between. >> what has ge said to the 200.employees said about why they closed the plant. i understand t they refitted the
6:27 am
other plants. >> area in pennsylvania where they will make a energy efficient halogen bulb. ge could have done the samehi thing. this is what the plant manager said. you can get mexican labor for $8000 yearly wages and benefit versus american labory i a year with wes and benefits. this is not a msplant. we have h this discussion about other jobs going over seas. >> yes. >> pat doyle,i am sorry y you will lose your job. you will receive a pension but good luck while you look for other jobs as well. >> imagine if you didn't pay your taxes. you would be in trouble with the i.r.s.. not the president's topids. they haven't paid a dime and nothing is happening to them. ar don't mess with a momma
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>> welcome special edition of "fox and friends". three of us are here on saturday commemorating september 11th . we have a couple of headlines for the day. nine years after the worst terror attack arizona senator john kyle is warning americans
6:32 am
and current leaders that the fight for our freedom is far from over. >> the fact that none of the subsequent attempts have succeeded have seemed to remove some of the urgency and commitment necessary to succeed in war. >> he added it is not a republican or democrallt challenge but an american hallenge. >> the woman who is accused of killing two co-workers in philly kraft. she had a fight with two of them. she was escorted off of the prorty. minutes later she returned to the plant and started shooting. she now faces murder charges. >> new rules proposed by the transportation secretary. it will give pilots less rest. proposal includes nine hours and pilots who work a morning shift. 10 hours of flight that is two more hour in the sky.he
6:33 am
they proposed the changes in the wake of a plane crash out of buffalo new york. pilot fatigue was to blame for the crash that killed 50. >> fundraiser airing on all major network . each saw their liv touched by cancer and had a story to share or in some cases a song. ♪ yesterday, came suddenly . ♪ why she had to go, i don't know? >> neil diamond amongen the stars that lent support. stevie oner and adam sandler. h toll hasn't been exounted. it was $100,000 million each. >>t one point brian williams said so many tried to donate
6:34 am
money on safari it was the apple browser and shut down . they said keep trying. in the meantime brian has a look at what is going on in the world of sports. >> west virginia never lost to a instate rival. they mede time to keep the streak alive. mountaineers down . watch the five yard touchdown stre. gino smith and will johnson makes a two-point game and gets the two-point conversion .im we go to overtime. ty warner misses from 40. westirginia survived. >> venus williams is out of the final u.s. open. she was defeated by the same that defeated her sister last year. 4-6, 7-6. in pofront of a packed house in new york. she will meet the defendant in
6:35 am
the final. all right. there is nothing good or like a dose of cocoa cristian in the u.s. open. that is a opener . look at it he's not only on the popular cereal. didn't work for boston but seems to be working there. >> time for others -- not the scoreboard but other numbers as well rember when it looked leak tom daschle was considered for a security job. it was determined that mr. daschle didn't pay $120,000 worth o texas . timothy githener. >> 42,000 for turbotax tim githener. someo in the washington post
6:36 am
did digging and discovered federal employees across the amut owe over a billion. they near charge of telling us to pay our taxes a billion . broken it downo d iffe categories. there is a bunch of them in the white house. under the president's nose. 41 white house employees owe 831,000. those privacy laws prevent the individual names. but you are watching this morning, get out your checkbook and go i.r.s.. >> couple of dayrs ago governor swass schwarzenegger went to alaska and made's tweet nd took a dig at sarah palin. 140 characters or left. looking in alaska and can't see russia from here keep you
6:37 am
updated as the search continues. >> well sarah palin can use her thumbs and tweak back. fired off. arnold should have landed. i could have explained our multibillion dollar state surplus and u.s. energy security efforts. what's he been up to? >> that is in reference of california's 19 billion budget deficit. will is in trouble as far as a way to come up with cash. >> that is a good way for her. >> the governor had fun with his opponents and that's his sense of humor and made fun of the president of thenited states. >> is sarah palin his opponent. >> he should do better in running his state. >> they belong to the same party. >> they arexa not exactly opponents. just taking a shot. >> i have a sense that
6:38 am
governor schwarzenegger is heading to the obama white house. >> he is at espn. i am former mr. olympian and we competed together . when men wax each other and shave each other and it builds a bond. >> we help each other. >> now, correct me if i am wrong, wasn't aavernold schwarzenegger have something to do with the fitness medal under president bush for kids? and he left that posion to become governor. you think he will do something in the obama admistration, leak what? >> i do. i sense there is a bond there. i think that if the state gets a bail out, that wtld fulfill that bond. >> traditional after mideast election.
6:39 am
ralm may be heading to chicago. >> it is called soul searching after the november elections regardless how they come out. >> you heard it here first if it happens. >> it is a story we are following chosely. the iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death. they spoke to the lawyer. >> did you ever jump out of the airplane? there they g we'll be right back with more after this. >> know... know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. man with computer. if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, i'll get a check for the difference automatically.
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>> coup elf quick headlinesing your way. arizona could lose million in educational funding because of an alleged civil right's violation. federal investigators said the state is denying students acess to english laters by
6:43 am
classifying them fluent in english. in texas, 19 men over my soldier andn women injured in war. they got to go skydiving for free with the wounded warriors akalana is unsure of her fate. iran changed her sentence to execution by hanging . >> she is an journal and spoke with her lawyer. >> good morning to you guys. >> thank you for being here. today was the day she was supposed to be executed. is that going to happen? >> nothing is definitive. they are not going to. the whole thing was set during
6:44 am
ramadan they would not come in and do that. it was speculationthat her son had a fear they would make a point of it.nt in iran currently she is awaiting her fate in prison. and it is relatively uncertain what is going to happen. >> ts cas ge garnered intertional attention and hear lawyer had to flee the country for his own safety. >> that is correct. we spent three days with him and his family it is an interesting story that they had. he was interrogated in the infamous priddson. and oddly enough the attorneysll are not allowed to go there. he's never seen it before. they were asked about different cases he had and none of them related to the
6:45 am
se. he was pulled in a little room and someone said i will not rest until i see you hang for what you are doing in the sakineh case. isked who it was and he said these people don't have names. >> tell us what she is charged > sure. i will take you. it is interesting. i got it right from her attorney and there was conflicting reports is how it happed. essentially. if you are married and walking with someone, the police can a question you and ask you what your relation with that person you are walking with if they are the opposite sex and if you don't have a worry or can't prove anything. they can take you and form a
6:46 am
judgment or punishment and in that case that is where the lashes came into play. later on she ge an interview where she did have a relation in this interview with this man and the man apparentl for unknown reasons killed h husband. that man was then tried he was supposed to be executed. if iran if the family allows a parton of that person they put them in jail for 10 years. but the judge revisited her case and said well, we can't get you on accesso to w murder, but we can get you on adultery. they look into the books and there are laws on the books where we can execute you by stoning. which is what happened. >> obviously americans watching this broadcast are
6:47 am
not familiar with that kind of law here. anyway, talk about sarah shourd she is one of the three americans who accidenta illy went in iran and iran said they werepies and she was b supposed to be released today. but now they are saying no. what happened? >> again, a lot of it has to do with a defect, the celebration for the e of ramadan . that was supposed to be a sign of good faith and to show how great it was. you have to understand in iran, according t the islamicra constitution of iran the eir jud iciary system is independent from the gernment. when it comes down to push to shove. the president of the united states said it is going to happen, the judiciary can say who are you to happen. we say it is going to happen on these terms and paperwork
6:48 am
needso be will filed and law needs to be followed for her to be released. >> it is crazy. they all should be released and now she is suffering health consequences and possibly ca and can you imagine her family? >> it is aon horrible situation and i can't imagine what they are going through. it is very painful and they are luckeg for now the is hope that one of them may come back and according to the last interview with those two, twohe other two are in good shape. >> they are used as political pawns. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. ait, wait. one other point regarding the burning of that -- when obama said he was not going to allow that happen. he made a good point. something we brought up on the brew with the attorney.
6:49 am
if i could invite him to do an interview. it would be grea service for both of the persian and middle eastern community and afghanistan it would be fabulous. >> al, thank you for joining us in london. and on group of first responders coming together for a good case. >> new yor city michael bloombu joins us live to talk about the memorial ons ground zero on this special edition of "fox and friends" live on september 11th. ♪ of muscle per decade? try... each sving provides twenty-six vitamins d minerals. plus it has fifteen grams of protei to help mainin muscle. compare it to the leading competitor. boost high protein also has calcilock blend, with calcium and vitamin d
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>> after assessment september firefighters and police officers and construction workers came togethe to help wit rescue and recovery at ground zero. our next guest are using that experience to help others around the world. bill ceagan is retired from the port authority. hes co-founder of heart 9/11 and chad served as fround ground as a construction worker and long-time member of heart 9/11. how have the reelections changed from you. >> it siweird one. a lot of people looking forward to the 10th anniversary . some of us feel the issues are
6:54 am
hijacking the 9/11 anniversary. we are out there doing positive things as a result of us bonding together. veteran cop fire men and contruction workers and 9/11 families have come back and take our expertise in disaster response in coming to it to help others. >> chad, as horrific as it was. it was rewarding to help out in times of tragedy. that's given better to heart. >> working in gdyun zero everybody came to help us. as new yorkers we were underha the impression that new yorkers are arrogant . they came to help us, every day i said i are to pay them back one day. putting notoriety 9/11 together. that helps us to pay people back in new york. >> heart is an acronim.
6:55 am
helping and helping others. >> you are still in haiti? >> we are still in haiti. we have the dollars to take experts and put them on the ground. w are transferring our knowledge. you can't believe what it is like to transfer skis of demolition and rebuilding to young haitian kids who are like sponges for the knowledge. the need is so great. you can see these guys on jack a ammerstear them apart and put them back together and they need to take it back to their community. are building from grass roots. >> ere are no losers in this, right? >> it is positive stuff. not only what i get out of it by giving back, but the people we are giving to and they learn the tradeti kid in the haiti are learning the trade of demolition. the country needs a massive amount of demolition and we teach them how to do it and
6:56 am
they teach somebody else. it continues to help people. >> where are you going today? >> we'll go to mass today and then down to the site and meet with friend and others that gather on this day. >> it is great for to you retire after 25 years and i think you are at your best in the 40 50s . the stuff you know and you are doing this in this organization. its a win-win. >> we are young people and many of us retired as a result of a pension calculation and afitte ati years of sitting on the sideline we are giving back to what w do best. >> people want to help out the website. het heart 9/ >> thank you so much and thank you for sharing your organization. meanwhile coming up. who is to blame for the economic mess. president obama said the gop . gop said it is congress. we'll report, you decide. big brother is winch kg what your kids are eating.
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